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Hybrid IT Services Cloud Based Software Product Line

1. Hybrid Dispatch & GPS Tracking Software

Hybrid Track Trans is a product of Hybrid IT Services Inc. It covers all areas all areas of transportation needs in terms of trip request handling to dispatching and GPS Tracking. This software has been designed for Transportation industry, in order to handle and manage bulk of trips in real time. Now you can check the schedule of complete month, report between any dates, and compile all trips in one go no matter they are coming through call or online.


2. Hybrid e-Advisor (Collaboration of Complete Real Estate World)

The approach to bring user friendly experience to consumers when they shop around market for best possible home or commercial entity, look for vendors to renovate existing property or builder to construct the dream come true, is always been a challanging question to industry leading IT companies. Thanks to Hybrid, who brought in a total new concept for consumers and active businesses in areas of Real Estate, Construction & Re modelers, Architectures, and Contractors to collaborate in one workspace.

Hybrid IT Services is looking forward to launch this vigilant idea in April 2012. If you are an investor and looking forward to invest in market leading idea, contact us today for Demonstration of Alpha Release of Hybrid e-Advisor Portal.

3. Hybrid Smart2Mart Marketing Engine  (Product of the Millinium)

Portals like Craiglist, eBay, Friday-adds, and Olx are becoming part of a consumer day to day life. These portals have started a new era and trend of E Commerce and becoming a necessary revenue generating stream for Small Businesses. Yet there is something more interesting which is going to be a big changer in terms of marketing resource, based on business to consumer, consumer to consumer, and business to business model.

Hybrid IT Services is in process of final transition of this Website Engine into Reality.

If you are an investor and looking forward to invest in market leading idea, contact us today for Demonstration of Beta Release of Hybrid Smart2Mart Marketing Engine.

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