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Cloud Fleet Software


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Integration with NEMT

  • Run your Non-Emergency Medical Transportation service in a better way.
  • Cloud based scheduling, dispatching and tracking of your NEMT fleet.
  • Optimize and make more profits!


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Cloud Fleet Tracking

  • Cloud based smart fleet tracking.
  • Fleet management solution that works for every industry.
  • Designed to fit fleets of every size.


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Cloud Taxi Dispatch

  • Access your dispatch system anytime, anywhere.
  • Your fleet data stored securely in the cloud.
  • Fully automated & highly configurable dispatch.

Outlay’s cloud fleet tracking has streamline our fleet operations. We can access schedule, track and manage our assets virtually from any place in the world.

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Manage your fleet in the cloud with Outlay’s Cloud Fleet Software

Gain control of your fleet with Outlay’s Cloud Fleet Tracking Solutions. We are the world leaders in the fleet tracking industry. Our cloud fleet tracking applications provide real-time location information and other useful data of your vehicles and allow you to streamline your business operations.

Outlay Creations stands out from the crowd when it comes to providing cloud based fleet tracking. Our solutions are designed to deliver breakthrough capabilities that will transform your fleet operations. Reduce labor and fuel costs by minimizing idle time and total mileage while getting the same quantity of work done.

What is Cloud Fleet Tracking?

Improve fleet and business efficiency with more than just a fleet tracking system. Real-Time Fleet Tracking, Real-Time Dispatching, Real-Time Alerts, Advance Reports, Driver to Driver & Dispatcher Communication and all other fleet operations are completely cloud based. Cloud computing offers a multitude of technological advantages and simply allows you access, dispatch, track and manage your fleet operations from anywhere in the world.

Industries we cover:

We offer a cloud based fleet tracking solution that works for your company regardless of the type of industry in which it lies. Our state of the art cloud based fleet tracking tools cover following industries:

Transport & Logistics
Manage your assets with Outlay’s cloud fleet tracking solutions and achieve more efficient route optimization, navigation, job scheduling and management. Track and manage your vehicles, trucks, taxis, heavy equipment and vans in a cost-effective way by using our all one tracking solution.

Delivery Vehicles
Goods delivering companies require their fleet to move from one location to another. Cloud based fleet tracking enables you to do this efficiently and in an economical way.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
Running a highly responsive Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is not easy without deploying an effective GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution. Improve your customer service and boost your business by deploying our state of the art cloud based fleet tracking solutions.

Our Cloud Fleet Tracking solution is fully capable to be deployed in government agencies including security, emergency, infrastructure and others. State of the art cloud based GPS Tracking solution delivers secure, real-time data monitoring and access. Customizable alert settings help manage crisis and support better decision making.

Rental Car Services
Gain full control of your rental business by automating the rental and return processes. Everything runs in the Cloud. Easy Setup, Portable & Scalable fleet tracking of your rental vehicles.

Grab Your Competitive Edge with Outlay’s Cloud Fleet Tracking Software:

Easy Installation- Cloud-based GPS tracking software is all web-based, which means that you don’t have to install from disks or worry about losing them. Simply log in to the system and you have the latest version of the software right in front of you.

Less IT Functionality- With cloud based Fleet Tracking solutions, you really don’t need an IT professional to update the system. Cloud based vehicle tracking systems update seamlessly without any hassle.

Access from anywhere- SaaS (Software as a Service) model i.e. Cloud, allows you to implement GPS Vehicle Tracking from anywhere in the world. Take control of your fleet data and make smart decisions at right time.