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Hybird provides good VoIP services for on-the-go business professionals. With great mobile functionality and features designed specifically for small to medium business.!

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Custom VoIP Solutions

Hybrid IT Services specializes in providing flexible VoIP services to meet all your current and future VoIP needs. With Cloud VoIP Services from Hybrid, you can save on phone service and get rid of your landline and take control of your communications from any place in the world. As the Industry leaders and one of the largest VoIP providers, we have been delivering amazing service to businesses of all sizes since 2007. We offer highly integrated, reliable and consistent Custom VoIP Server Deployments, Hosted PBX, Customized Asterisks Servers and Cloud Based VoIP Solutions.

Cloud Hosted PBX

Unlock the power of our Cloud based Hosted PBX which delivers more than a hosted PBX. Hosted PBX allows you to connect as many phone extensions as you need. It also makes the overall solution a cost effective VoIP solution because you don’t need to purchase or maintain any server equipment on premises. When it comes to maintenance and updates, we know how to save your valuable time and resources. Our Cloud Hosted PBX handles all the updates and maintenance so your system is always up to date with the latest features and functionality.

VoIP Training

Whether you want to become an Asterisks expert or looking to get hands-on training of Cloud VoIP, Hybrid IT Services offers a variety of training programs to meet your needs. Our highly professional instructors make sure that our telephony and VoIP training enables you to integrate and administer voice and data communication applications into your networks.

Dialer Integration Services

Our Dialer Integration Services are state-of-the-art because of increased flexibility, quick deployment and cost-effectiveness. Our platform enables powerful cross-channel contact strategies that include automated voice messaging, text messaging, email and web. Save valuable seconds on each call and eliminate inefficient misdials.

Why Choose Hybrid Custom VoIP Services:

Strategic Focus- Selection of a cloud based VoIP solutions eliminates worries of IT staff, reduces resource costs and makes your team available to work on projects that relate to your core business. Hosted VoIP requires very little IT support. You can easily add users, delete users, and enable additional features without ever bothering your IT staff.

Fast and easy setup deployment- Our engineers and VoIP experts have experience of hundreds of fast and seamless VoIP Deployments.

Your Business in the Cloud- Cloud VoIP solutions are rapidly becoming the first choice for small to large scale businesses. Adding users, regardless of time and place, is seamless and unlimited. Cloud based phone systems can make remote work seamless. People working from home, hotels, or even the beach can make, take and manage a call just like they were sitting at their desk.

Scalability- Here at Hybrid we design VoIP solutions keeping in view the future growth of your business. With hosted VoIP, new users can be added to the cloud phone system as needed. Easily expand the number of phone lines without downtime to the phone system.