Disclosure &Signing Solutions (SecureClose)

Hybrid IT Services Inc has developed several signing solutions which includes from normal single page digital document to complex Transaction Validations Systems like SecureClose. Over the period of four years Hybrid IT have developed solutions which follow strict compliance process to secure confidential business data and enhance personal privacy. Among several projects done for SecureClose the strategy is always to develop and deploy excellent quality solutions and services meeting global security standards and help the clients, exclusively. Hybrid IT Services Inc have developed automated technologies that are aimed to secure the transation related activities with a reliable and compatible document disclosure and signing solutions for SecureClose, LLC. Keep your sensitive documents inside your IT domain and eliminate the risk of tampering and fraud with complete control over implementation.

Making Electronic Documents
More Reachable & More Secure

SecureClose being a technology partner of Hybrid IT, always boost and streamline auditing and compliance reporting by adopting the finest software applications and technically recognized, secure, digital solutions. The trustworthy expertise enables your business to take full advantage of efficiencies and cost reductions with fully automated, innovative signature processes.


What is

Digital signing is an electronic signature process which records the electronic signing transaction with an audit trail and hisotry. This record is accessible when needed to prove the authenticity of the event and transation. These documents are usually stored in an electronic vault in a highly secure, trustworthy cloud-based system or within your own secured e-document management system.

  • Efficient Customization
  • Rich Templates
  • Remote Approachability
  • Automatic reminders
  • Effortless Implementation
  • Risks Mitigation



Vault protects your valued, professional document and manuscripts with tamper-proof closings and procure maximum guarantee to administer smooth integration of document workflow through an encrypted dynamic cloud-based platform.

  • Toughest Encryption Technology
  • Reliable Cloud-based Indexes
  • Rapid Integration
  • Orientated Documentation
  • Dynamic Coding



Remote signing solution fast-track agreements, gets rid of manual tasks, and conveniently merges with your software devices and systems. Dispatch and sign secure agreements from any device for efficient eContracting purposes which provides convenience to your customers and employees and save significant value per agreement by reducing claim costs.

  • Remote/Mobile Accessibility
  • Instant Alerts Visibility
  • Guaranteed Protection
  • Legalized Authorization


Making Audit
More Simple

Thoroughly maintained annual/monthly audits within all dimensions of effective operations, maintaining and excelling all criteria. With modern tools to help you manage entity data, sorting reminders, integrated designs, precise auditing, and automation for any corporate document, with the most reliable and user-friendly management platform on the market.

  • Precise Archives
  • Authentic Regulation
  • Substantial Transparency
  • Harmonized Assessment
  • Accountable Management


Get Rid
of Fraud

Track and manage the automated configuration changes and back-ups with real-time notifications, in compliance with standard security rules and improve your contracts compilations with cost-efficient solutions. Applications focus on protecting business clients against fraud by sealing your documents against tampering.

  • Automated Document Surveillance
  • Identity Verification
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Closure Analysis


Customize Your

Streamline your agreement processes and plan efficient, digital business advancements with a qualified team to create a customized solution according to your business needs and requirements. Experts and experienced professionals provide insightful designs, rapid integration, and successful implement of ideal solutions.

  • Fortified Results
  • Digital Renovation
  • Intelligent Processing
  • Logical Pricing
  • Match Your Brand

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Our In-House Development Team is always to nivagate you from trouble waters

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