Document Storage &Vaulting

Hybrid IT have developed several solutions for secured storage and distrubuted data housting. One of the recent development was done for SecureClose LLC, to develop a sophisticated and compliant document storage system which simplifies the process of storing, routing, and retrieving documents in a secure environment accomplishing greater efficiency for any organization. With current demands of marketing, eContracting and Storage has become necessity for every business. Save your valuable time and space by availing scalable and paperless management solutions provided by Hybrid IT and its technology partners. Get advantage of a reliable document storage facility and establish a more organized, safeguarded and efficient format, effortlessly. Moreover, all required vaulting solutions can be customzied on demand by our technology partner and us.


Get comprehensive, reliable and authorized solutions and services to protect your documents against tampering and fraud. Multiple exclusive and convenient techniques suggest inimitable authentication to each party in the same contract. Minimize risk triggers by tracking every step of the signing process resulting in the best-authorized verification by the complete and calculated audit report.







Making Online
Documents More Secure

Get guaranteed protection of critical document deliveries and restrict an unauthorized user from opening or making changes with the password protection feature. Cloud-based storage enables files to be saved on remote servers, accessible from the internet and allows tracking accessed files and shared information, instantly.

  • Exclusive Access prevents potential synchronization conflicts by blocking users from opening a processing document through instant alerts.

  • Document Trail Audit Effective, reliable and smooth audit trails can accurately detect the missing information or improper, noticeable actions with cloud-based invoicing.

  • Unbeatable Encryption Get state-of-the-art, protecting sensitive data from security threats during transfer and storage vaults.

Scalable and Paperless
Document Management

Get smarter, organized, and dedicated solutions simplify team management and organize your work efficiently. Make synchronized changes across your secured vaults and easily access your valuable documents from any cloud-based device, instantly.

  • Uninterrupted Opeation Streamline agreement workflows, seamlessly integrate procedures with our improved and certified compliance.

  • Flexible Management Get help to complete your authorized projects timely with an effective arrangement and a detailed perspective of assigned tasks and resources.

  • Reducing Human Errors Reinforced strategy ensures alert detection tools to revise situations before any mishaps and eliminate the outcomes of miscalculations.

Making Documentation More Accssible

Acquire exceptional accessibility and maximum insight into agreements across your organization by managing them all from a centralized platform. Satisfying, smooth and efficient search tools enable you to locate and restore the desired document, or any associated files, in seconds.

Tamper Free Environment

Protects the confidentiality of personal and classified credentials to ensure that guarded information remains secure. Get restricted access to authentic subscribers, use restrained dedicated communication lines to facilitate secure and unbiased data vaults.

Great Process Flow

Develop swifter, efficient workflows for smarter work environments, use advanced resources, magnify project dimensions and enhance document management capabilities quickly. Smooth procedures eliminate the need to perform manual data entry, and modification of documents, enabling greater focus on work to drive innovation and productivity.

Decreasing Operational Cost

Reduce costs by bringing together several concepts, technologies, and strategies to reduce or eliminate tedious, time-consuming activities that don't drive revenue. Streamline many business processes and optimize workflows for faster payment collection, lower purchasing costs, higher customer satisfaction or increased employee preservation.

More Intellectual Security

Fewer risks with authorized, secure, and consistent solutions against internal and external cyber-attacks. Robust risk strategy can plan, protect and prevent an online attack and safeguard your intellectual property, and personal and professional repute.

Improving Efficiency

Get a substantial improvement in efficiency, leading to less workforce time spent storing and recovering documents. Those extensive and tedious documentation tasks taking hours to process and authenticate are squeezed into a few minutes and seconds span with digital document management.

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