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Hybrid IT’s ERP team was very responsive to tailor the solution during the project to meet our specific research administration requirements.

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ERP Application Assistance

Hybrid IT Services offers you with the opportunity to gain the competitive edge by modernizing your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. With our next generation ERP implementation practices, we promise strategically well executed ERP Services & System integration to face current market challenges.We know exactly what to recommend to successfully choose and implement the right ERP software solution for your business. We make sure that all the requirements of all your business processes are considered by our professional teams.

Hybrid IT affiliates with ERP software providers like Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. Our ERP professionals are experts of providing consulting, requirements engineering, implementation, application integration and management along with upgrades to improve financial and human capital management.

ERP Sytstem Implementation:

ERP systems impact almost every aspect of an organization; so the success of an ERP implementation is of the utmost importance. Here at Hybrid IT, our ERP consultants take full advantage of proven implementation methodology in ERP to make the overall implementation process simple and seamless. Depending upon the project dimensions, ERP implementation includes various steps such as:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Forms and Reports Setup
  • Solution Conception
  • Quality Testing
  • Technical Installation
  • Training
  • System Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Customization, Development and Integration
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Data Migration
  • Project Management

Requirements Engineering & Analysis:

Requirements Engineering (RE) techniques are simply concerned with analyzing and documenting the requirements of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project. Requirements Engineering which is also known as Requirement Analysis involve documentation of all aspects of development processes of an ERP project from start to finish so that entire focus should be directed ensuring that the final ERP system conforms to client needs rather than attempting to shape user expectations to fit the requirements.

Hybrid IT Services has helped good number of reputable companies in Middle East, North America & Europe to get more value from their requirements engineering efforts. Our Requirements Engineering services include Requirement Planning, Requirements Elicitation and Requirements Management. We offer an efficient approach to requirements engineering that can help your development project get off to a good start in a professionally sound way.

ERP Application Integration Services:

Hybrid showcases state-of-the art ERP Application Integration Services to help you improve your decision making by sharing data across your organization. Our ERP systems are designed and implemented in a cost-effective and efficient way that delivers the greatest return on investment.

We can help you integrate your cloud based applications with your ERP software. If you are looking to establish a link between your CRM and ERP system, we have successfully accomplished hundreds of CRM-ERP integrations employing Single Source, Pre-Integrated and Custom Programming approaches of CRM integration.

We have extended expertise of enterprise integration which enables real-time flow of information between contrasting applications and enhances business spryness and decision making capabilities. Our technically engineered toolkit simplifies integration between and SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite and other ERPs.

Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Implementation):

  • Everything Centralized-ERP systems are centralized in nature which provides improved visibility into organization’s operations. This centralized structure enables organizations to see every process clearly and make decisions accordingly to improve the Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Streamlining Processes- ERP systems integrate all business functions and streamline the overall workflow. ERP system functionality includes the software pieces for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales automation in order to streamline sales processes and stop work redundancy.
  • Customization- Enjoy unparalleled success by customizing the interface between your ERP tool and other systems.
  • Reduced Operating Costs- ERP systems are introduced to reduce the number of redundant processes which automatically reduces the overall operating costs. An ERP system also provides the functional operational backbone. The system enables the Manufacturers and distributors to function promptly, which will able to improve the volume of production and fulfillment of orders while reducing costs.

Why Choose Hybrid for ERP Requirements Engineering and Application Integration:

  • Highly reliable Customized ERP Solutions specifically designed and enhanced for small to large scale organizations.
  • Proven on time delivery of projects.
  • World leaders in providing most comprehensive and cutting-edge ERP services.
  • Full-fledged cloud based ERP training programs available to equip your team with latest ERP technologies.
  • Hybrid Creations has a dedicated technical assistance team, ready to assist you anytime. Our assistance can take place on your premises or through the phone, e-mail or Internet.