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Among other highly customized products developed by Hybrid IT, EZ Cloud Dispatch automates the regular dispatching process. Whether you are running a cab, taxi, delivery, or other transportation operations, EZ Cloud Dispatch optimizes all real-time dispatching needs effectively. We are an essential option for advanced companies that require a low-cost and flexible dispatch process. Our software solution is a seamless tool for dispatching and resource distribution and enables you to control a large number of fleet and helps you run optimized schedules, accurately.

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Dispatch Software

Our tailored cloud dispatch software uses advanced networking technology to completely revolutionize your traditional application into an effective formation. Our renowned computer dispatch software handles your trips proficiently and fully manages all aspects of your transportation business from any remote device. We significantly transform your business operations through streamlined operations, accessible customer information, inventory tracking, real-time reporting, compatible applications, and compliant management.

iPhone Application

Our app development system works according to your modern business needs with exclusive modules and features to significantly fast-track order processing in reduced time. We understand your taxi business, comprehend all your requirements and information and proficiently create perfect graphics, color schemes, subjects, and iconography, accordingly. Our developer's team elaborates on essential features and practical functionalities and tests the app bugs for smooth procedures.

Android Application

We develop customized ride-booking apps to simplify your taxi business assignments. We designed and developed a custom cloud-based solution from scratch, allowing businesses to manage car rentals, and rider ratings, with just a few clicks. A unique logo, smaller size, and dynamic color scheme attract and encourage customers to download and utilize apps quickly. We configure the driver app, city zones, and tariff details from the admin panel and enhance integrated communication between the drivers and dispatchers, successfully.

Location Handling

Integrate real-time communications with prompt operations by acquiring our custom-built supervision without hassles. Allow your customers to conveniently book a cab in advance by precisely assessing the route and the location distance with detailed yet trouble-free map views. Frequently traveled destination retention empowers passengers to save regular treks and thus avail bookings by simply selecting time day and place, instantly.

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EZ Cloud designs a proficient web application according to your business preferences, features, and functionalities. The patented applications have your dynamic logo for a user-friendly, simple, and automated interface to ensure swift services.

  • We ensure smooth operations, effortless deployment, and maximum optimization with easy availability on popular search engines.

  • Avail our expertise to develop vibrant websites and deliver an accessible experience to your customers on multiple devices

Android & IOS

Empower your valued customers with our exclusive service and excellent mobile applications and transform your fleet operations with our ideal and robust apps. Our developers are proficient in modern tools and capable to integrate them with your mobile app.

  • Boost your business with our customized Android and IOS app and turn your concepts into an appealing, persuasive, and error-free application to help you connect with your customers, effortlessly.

  • Precisely assess your app proposal, and avail the perfect technologies recommended by our experts, for high-quality results.

We Provide

Ensure flawless results, error-free apps, and smooth user experience with customized and perfect graphics. Simply reveal your custom application development idea and acquire the finest proposals and resourceful solutions, efficiently.

  • Consistent check-ups of your project ensure valuable compliance and the finest results after the completion of the development cycle.

  • Our helpful expertise guarantees post-delivery technical support of the project for troubleshooting any flaws, proficiently.

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