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Fleetpins provides you with the finest, reliable and guaranteed security gadgets for your safety purposes. Our dynamic range of excellent quality HD vehicle DVR security cameras, GPS trackers and accessories are customized accordingly. Get yourself secured, avail 24/7 protected surveillance and increased field of vision by our extensive and robust security DVR systems to prevent unforeseen mishaps.

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Transportation & Logistics Fleet

Improve safety, efficiency, and quality of fleet operations with our customized and finest GPS Tracking Devices and DVR cameras. Maximize your valuable investment with efficient and real-time tracking and reporting on fuel consumption, immobile time and vehicle deployment.

Corporate Fleet

Successfully plan and accomplish corporate fleet supervision with our centralized, web-based automating schedules, assigning routes to drivers, modifications, check-in staff, process time sheets and real-time data for back-office and track vehicles in operation.

Courier & Delivery

Our wide range of exclusive gadgets and HD cameras enable efficient route design to lower fuel costs and deliver a package to the right place at the right time.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation stays on top of the trade and streamlines business processes by increasing customer satisfaction with our real-time ETA’s, rapid automated scheduling, appropriate and secured route optimizations.

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DVR Unit

MDVR-S is a compact, most cost-effective, smaller and lighter DVR to record high-quality videos perfectly. Features with a minimum weight only 5 g, it can be installed in your mini quad drones for excellent indoor/outdoor footage without any noisy flickering interference.

Fleet pins

FP-DC-100 dashcam is your ideal companion to capture all treasured moments on the go. It also works evidence to record any mishap/accident or sudden vibrations or distractions. FP-DC-200 is one of our most advanced and professional dashcam for Fleet management.

GPS Tracking

Our comprehensive GPS Tracking devices provides certified surveillance equipment starting from mini privately used portable trackers for your dear ones, assets, and vehicles to the efficiently used Fleet trackers for transportation, and cargo/freight services at economical packages.

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