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NEMT Fleet Tracking

  • Run your Non-Emergency Medical Transportation service in a better way.
  • Cloud based scheduling, dispatching and tracking of your NEMT fleet.
  • Optimize and make more profits!


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Cloud Fleet Tracking

  • Cloud based smart fleet tracking.
  • Fleet management solution that works for every industry.
  • Designed to fit fleets of every size.


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  • GPS Trackers for GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • GPS Trackers for Asset Tracking
  • GPS Trackers for People Tracking

Guys at Outlay Creations really know the gps trackers and how GPS vehicle tracking works. Highly recommended if you are looking for gps tracking solution for your fleet business.

J. Smith

GPS Trackers & Cloud Based GPS Tracking

Outlay Creations presents a variety of the most advanced and innovative systems for tracking and monitoring of vehicles, people, pets and assets. We offer state of the art Cloud Based GPS Tracking Solutions which cover Pets GPS Tracking, Children GPS Tracking, Assets GPS Tracking Fleet GPS Tracking, and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation GPS Tracking. GPS trackers and all other hardware devices are small, durable and easy to install and fully compatible with our cloud fleet tracking and GPS tracking software.

GPS Trackers for GPS Vehicle Tracking:

See your vehicle’s exact location:

Outlay’s advance GPS trackers and tracking software allow you to see the exact location of your vehicle or fleet of vehicles in real-time on a map through the Internet.

Track your Fleet On-The-Go:

Outlay offers highly reliable mobile GPS Tracking applications both for iOS and Android. Take control of your fleet virtually from anywhere in the world. Access scheduler, dispatcher, alerts, reports and other data related to GPS tracking of your fleet and make smart business decisions.

GPS Trackers for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services:

Cloud Based Fleet Tracking Software for every NEMT Business:

All in one Cloud Fleet Tracking for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation providers. You don just need GPS Trackers to efficiently run a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service, you need a highly scalable Dispatch and GPS Tracking Software to transform your NEMT business.

Experience Real-Time Growth with Real-Time Cloud GPS Vehicle Tracking:

With an Intuitive and easy to use fleet tracking software like Outlay’s, reduce paper work and simplify your NEMT business operations with powerful analytics which allow you to invest your attention and resources in more profit generating ventures.

GPS Trackers for GPS Tracking Your Children:


Stay close to your children with precise GPS Tracking. We have special GPS Trackers which offer 2-way voice, safety alerts and GPS location of your little ones.

Protect with peace of mind:

With the help of intelligent Geofencing, setup safe zones and get an alert if your child enters or exists the virtual boundaries defined by you.

GPS Tracker Features:

2-Way Voice Capable

AVL Installable Tracker

Infrared Camera & Connector

Portable 7 Personal Trackers