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GPS Tracking Solutions


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Integration with NEMT

  • Run your Non-Emergency Medical Transportation service in a better way.
  • Cloud based scheduling, dispatching and tracking of your NEMT fleet.
  • Optimize Your NEMT Dispatch Software


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Cloud Fleet Tracking

  • Cloud based smart fleet tracking.
  • Fleet management solution that works for every industry.
  • Designed to fit fleets of every size.


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High-Tech GPS Trackers

  • 2 Way Voice Capable
  • AVL Installable Trackers
  • Portable Personal Trackers

We were looking for something more than a traditional GPS tracking solution and we found Hybrid’s GPS tracking software. Managing our fleet has become a piece of cake.

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All in One GPS Tracking Solutions for every industry

Hybrid IT Services offers a unique and powerful GPS Tracking Software & GPS Trackers in Arizona to help you meet all your GPS Vehicle Tracking needs. We are committed to helping business owners from all over the U.S find intuitive ways to grow and improve their customer service. Using our modern and innovative GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions, you will be able to capture the real image of your fleet operations which will help you manage your fleet in a better way. Running a successful fleet of vehicles is requires making right decisions at the right time and that’s what we guarantee with our GPS Vehicle Tracking Application.

Effective GPS Vehicle Tracking can boost your business immensely. Vehicle tracking devices deliver Real-time location information and activity reports which are vital to improve business performance and customer service.

Real-Time Tracking:

Real-Time Tracking allows you to know where your vehicles are at all times. Monitor your fleet online with as much location updates as you want. Track one vehicle or an entire group on highly interactive maps.

Powerful Dispatching Module:

Hybrid’s GPS Tracking Software is a powerful tool that allows you to easily schedule jobs, dispatch them to your vehicles and send messages to and from your workers in the field. Achieve maximum fleet efficiency and enhance your customer service by providing accurate ETAs.

Real-Time Alerts:

GPS Vehicle Tracking is a lost cause if there are no real-time alerts. Our state of the art GPS Tracking Solutions offer a broad range of alerts. These alerts make it easy for you to stay informed no matter where you are. Know instantly when important events are happening with your vehicles and employees by utilizing real-time alerts and gain clear insight into your fleet operations.

Advanced Reporting:

Advanced reporting allows you to make right decisions at right times by providing accurate data about your fleet operations. Get to know our powerful reporting tools to enhance your fleet performance.

Smart Mapping:

Our GPS Tracking Software uses state of the art advanced mapping technology. Get Google map updates for your fleet locations after every 10 seconds!

Benefits of our GPS Tracking Solutions:

  • Fleet management made easy.
  • Reduce fuel costs.
  • Enhance customer service of your business.
  • Increase Productivity.
  • Reduce un-authorized vehicle use.
  • Improve routing efficiency.
  • Keep up with maintenance of your fleet.