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  • Never lose track of your jobs again. On your iPhone. On your iPad. Or your Android device.
  • Easy to use Job Management Board for business/company of any size.
  • Manage your workload efficiently and make sure you never miss a deadline again!
  • Cloud Based Job Management Application

Game-changing Cloud Based Job Management Board by Hybrid IT Services. Totally transformed our company’s job dispatch and management routine.

Tim Leone

Simple Yet a Powerful Cloud Based Job Management Application

HITS Job Management Board allows to stay connected with your staff and instantly dispatch and manage job progress. Hybrid’s cloud based job management makes job scheduling and tracking a piece of cake. Now you don’t have to be in the office and wait for your job assignment to be given to you on paper. You can just view all assigned jobs on your Smartphone/Tablet by using HITS Job Management Board App. Using our APP, your jobs and appointments are sent direct to you. This enables you to go straight to your job, and complete it with all the information you require in your hand.

HITS Job Management Board allows the admin to manage and track all jobs in real time. This leads to timely and effective critical decision making.

Schedule & Track Jobs Seamlessly:

HITS Job Dispatch Center allows you to easily assign jobs to staff and staff will be notified instantly via our iPhone/Android App no matter where they are located physically. Track the work progress by monitoring the Job Status and Work Status at any time.

Effective Client & Site Management:

Client & Site management is simple and easy to implement. Your business/company profile can include as many clients as you want to with each client having its own specific category. Site management feature allows you to assign one or more than clients to a site with job assignment features.

Employee Management:

Adding employees to your company profile makes the overall employee management a smooth process. An employee’s profile includes calendar based job tracking where he/she can track all future, present and past jobs and the clients and sites assigned for any particular job.

Reporting Module:

HITS Job Management Board allows you to take full advantage of its powerful reporting features. Generate work activity reports for different companies, clients, categories and employees managed in your account.

Benefits of HITS Cloud Based Job Management Board:

  • Job creation, tracking and management on a cloud based platform will eliminate redundant management processes and will save you a plenty of time for making timely and well informed decisions.
  • Be more productive and get more work done as your employees can access work information wherever they are.
  • This is also ensures that project milestones are being achieved on a timely basis.
  • Never miss a work day and stay connected all the time with your office.