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NEMT Cloud Dispatch

Streamline Your NEMT Service

  • Most advanced and affordable cloud based NEMT Dispatch Software.
  • Dispatchers and drivers are always connected.
  • IOS/Android Driven Apps.
  • Real-Time Google Maps Integration.

Hybrid’s NEMT Cloud Dispatch has shown us a completely new way to run our Non-Emergency Medical Transport business.

Tim – Quality Senior Transport

Cloud Based Non-Emergency Medical Transport Dispatch Software

NEMT Cloud Dispatch is Hybrid’s state of the art cloud based application which offers a perfect combo of trip scheduling, booking, dispatch and billing services for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Companies.

Hybrid IT Services focuses on providing a flawless Cloud based NEMT Dispatch application which covers all aspects of NEMT. Our NEMT Cloud Dispatch is all you need to streamline your dispatch operations. It is all web-based which means your dispatchers and drivers are always connected.

Real-Time Scheduling:

NEMT Cloud Dispatch offers optimized scheduling taking care of all the dispatch related requirements which include appointment time, total drive time, ambulatory, wheel chair and transport vehicle capacity. The dispatcher has complete control of the scheduler and he/she can see a complete overview of any trip at any time.

Real-Time Dispatching:

NEMT Cloud Dispatch provides easy to use but powerful dispatching module. Schedules are sent directly to driver’s smartphone with driving time, distance to scheduled pickups and drop-offs and GPS location of each vehicle. A dispatcher can see the location of all the drivers at all times in real-time. To help dispatchers keep track of the whole process, GPS coordinates and time stamps of each pickup and drop off with passenger’s signature are updated in real time.

IOS/Android Driven Apps:

NEMT Cloud Dispatch is equipped with fully functional IOS/Android apps. Drivers receive schedules and tasks on their smartphones and easily communicate with the dispatcher via app chat. Real time GPS tracking of vehicles updates the location of all the drivers operating at any given time.

Medical Billing & Invoicing:

Billing and Invoicing with our NEMT Cloud Dispatch is seamless. Cloud based application model automates every process from trip reporting to billing data.

Convenience of using Hybrid’s NEMT Cloud Dispatch:

  • Intuitive and easy to use cloud based NEMT Cloud Dispatch application.
  • Reduce paperwork and simplify the office work.
  • Organize the processes and save time on booking trips.
  • Access from anywhere using smartphones.
  • Choose packages fitting the needs of your NEMT service.